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Sacral Chakra Activation Sunstone Bracelet Rose Gold Finish

Designer: Seven Saints


Activate your Sacral Chakra with this Sunstone stretchbracelet that features an engraved rose gold plated brass Sacral chakra charm,Seven Saints signature bead, and rose gold spacers. S/M (Size 5.5- 7 wrists) M/L ( 7-8 wrists)Sunstone is a stone of courage, leadership andinitiative. It's thought to also attract recognition and unexpected prosperity,and brings opportunities for promotion. It resonates with the Sacral and SolarPlexus chakras. The Sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomenbelow the navel. It's associated with creativity, fertility, and our right tofeel - our sensing abilities and issues related to feelings andsexuality. Affimations: I AM creative. I go with Life's flow. Iembrace pleasure and abundance.


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