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Root Chakra Muladhara Bangle, Red Garnet, 18K Gold Finish

Designer: Seven Saints


As seen in Vogue, July 2017, our gold plated stackablebrass bangle with engraved root chakra symbol (18 X 18 mm) is perfectlybalancing to the first chakra. The bangle has two bezel set red garnetstones. Red garnet resonates with the red energy of the root chakra.It is said to be an excellent stone for manifestation,grounding one's dreams into reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, andrealization of cherished dreams. Garnets assist with success in one's career,giving self-confidence, inspiration, and creativity. Size S/M is for wrist sizes 6-7. Size M/L is for wrists size 7-8.The root chakra is located at thebase of the spine or coccyx and is related to survival issues, our material andphysical existence. When it's in balance we feel confident about our ability tostand up for ourselves and provide our own sense of security.


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