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Root Chakra Activation Bracelet, Red Quartz 18K Gold

Designer: Seven Saints


Activate your Root Chakra with this Red Quartzfaceted stretch bracelet that features an engraved 18K gold platedbrass Root chakra charm, and Seven Saints Jewelry signature bead. S/M (Size 5.5 - 7 wrists) M/L (Size 7-8 wrists)Red Quartz is a very healing stone for the rootchakra, increasing circulation, strength and vitality. It helps with creativeproblem solving, increases confidence, and is also believed to facilitate adeep and strong connection between lovers - healing miscommunication andmisunderstandings. The root, or base chakra is located at the base of thespine or coccyx and is related to survival issues, our material and physicalexistence, our ability to stand up for ourselves and sense of security. Affirmations: I AM grounded, I AM creatinga strong and healthy foundation from which creativity can flourish. Also available in rose gold finish.


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