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Heart Chakra Activation Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Designer: Seven Saints


Activate your Heart Chakra with thisRhodochrosite stretch bracelet that features an engraved 18K gold platedbrass Heart Chakra charm, and Seven Saints Jewelry signature bead. S/M (wrist sizes 5.5-7) M/L (wrist sizes 7-8)Rhodochrosite is thought to be a powerful stone forattracting your soulmate if you are single. It stimulates love and passion,while energizing the soul. It also encourages a positive attitude, creativity,and innovation. The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chestand teaches us about unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of self andothers. Affirmations: I let love in. I AM kind to myself. Ilive in peace and gratitude.


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