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Brow Chakra Activation Bracelet 18K Gold Finish

Designer: Seven Saints


Activateyour Brow Chakra with this faceted Lapis Lazuli stretch bracelet thatfeatures an engraved 18K gold plated brass Heart Chakra charm, and Seven SaintsJewelry signature bead. S/M (size5.5-7 wrists) M/L (size7-8 wrists)The BrowChakra is located between the eyebrows and is the seat of intuition. When it'sactivated, you might feel a tingling, force, or pressure in that area. Thegemstone Lapis Lazuli, is a Brow Chakra stone that stimulates wisdom and goodjudgement, and enhances intellectual abilities. Also considered a stone offriendship, it's thought to bring harmony to relationships also.Affirmations: Itis safe for me to see the truth. My mind is open to new vision.


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