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Seven Saints was founded by Kaliah Shil'Ee, a New Zealand born, California based jewellery designer, photographer, and mother of two, who was involved in the holistic healing field for many years, practising intuitive arts like Reiki, being attuned to Masters level. Looking for a way to blend her love of yoga and the spiritual with her burgeoning interest in the visual creative arts, on a four-month hiatus to India she sought out local artisans and craftspeople to teach her painting, sketching, and jewelry fabrication techniques in places like the far-flung villages of Orissa and Rajasthan, where she fortuitously met the family of the most renowned miniature painter in India, Badri Lal Chitrakar, and was invited into their atelier. 

Looking to take her new skills further, she moved to Los Angeles and studied jewellery design, and in the subsequent years, her jewellery business was born. A collection of the 'spiritual seeker', yoga, the esoteric, and also her many explorations around the world are what inspire her.

While maintaining a fashion sensibility, the jewellery utilizes healing gemstones and sacred symbols. Every printed text, scripture, positive thought, or symbol has been chosen intentionally to inspire and serve as a daily reminder to the wearer of their sacredness, divinity, inner light, and connection to a greater guiding force through the many ups and downs of life. 

To date, Seven Saints has appeared in the likes of British Vogue, UK Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Red, British GQ, and Conde Nast Traveller.

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