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  • AMPM




    Everything has its history. Our history began with the creation of classical models of backpacks in 2012. Today brand is family business owned by Igor Shtil and Kateryna Panchenko. If you are our client, you then you appreciate the uniqueness and features which are embodied in each model. You can distinguish a good product and notice details that others do not see. Details that make you happy. We try to offer a product that is at the forefront of creative thinking about future aesthetics. We continue creating and improving our products.



    True or false? 
    It's always up to you. Giving that you are a Human being, on the intuitive level you're always aware of what comes from true creative intention, from real immaculate True World of Ideas (as Plato stated once) and what is a simulation (simulacrum - according to French philosopher 
    Jean Baudrillard). 
    With our products, you have an opportunity to experience a True thing, made with passion, made by hands. 
    Vegetable-tanned full grain leather, hand dyed, finished with a beeswax, solid moulded (mostly solid brass) hardware, hand stitching, accuracy and reliability - that what you get in our True Things.
    Most of our products created in "Urban Country" style which comes from an interior design and combines natural old fashion 
    (consequently - classic) materials and techniques with the contemporary feel of big city life, elements of minimalism and 
    compatibility with so familiar casual style.
    Choose True. Choose what is Real more than other.

  • Anna&Co



    Anna&Co is a new high-quality brand which produces scarves. It originated in the French city of Lyon which is world famous for its silk craftsmanship.
    Anna&Co’s original concept calls upon the customer’s affections and creativity. The scarves all measure 37cm x 200cm and are truly luxury comfort blankets as they can be buttoned together and shared with a loved one as a bond never to be broken. 

    HOUSE of BOTTA chose Anna&Co for the incredible quality of silk and creativity of the product: mixing and matching different scarves to create truly unique, your own scarf.   
  • Clandestino



    Take some Italian inspiration, add a lot of love to the environment, mix it with intelligence and innovation, top it up with style and vision and you will get Clandestino! 

    Clandestino is not just a new brand, its a statement. Fresh, urban, distinctive collection of unisex eyewear that is here to stay. 

    Clandestino sunglasses made using ethically-sourced materials, including FSC-certified woods such as ebony, acacia, maple, walnut, bamboo, oak, rosewood and zebrawood. 

    And if you want to feel extra enviro-friendly some models even made of recycled skateboards. 

    Clandestino Official Partner of the Forest & Life Movement Foundation, a group whose goal it is to protect forested areas from the damage made by illegal and uncontrollable deforestation. Clandestino also proudly sponsor the Seeds of Change project – an international tree planting scheme currently active in countries such as Ecuador, France, Peru and many others. 

    When you choose Clandestino, you not only choosing to be different and set yourself free from the mass trend but you also making the World a better place - a percentage of every order goes into tree planting schemes. 

    Do you know what your current sunglasses made of?

    HOUSE of BOTTA believes that it's important to know what your sunglasses made of and how the material was sourced.  

  • EVE


    Armenian brand of high-quality personalised leather bags and accessories
    Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur and designer Eugenia Evoyan, EVE became known as personalised business accessories brand. 
    Currently, the company produces various high-quality leather accessories. 
    EVE's philosophy is in a new mix of functionality, quality, ergonomics and aesthetics. All items are hand-made by Armenian craftsmen and personalised, so each product you order is unique. 
    EVE brings together modern forms, traditional craftsmanship and beauty of Armenian ornamental heritage. EVE creates to inspire.




    Lilit Sarkisian - famous fashion-illustrator and artist. For many years Lilit was creating prints and illustrations for many well established European and Ukrainian designers.

    In 2016 she launched her very own brand IIIIT SARKISIAN with a range of clothes with unique prints.

    There are few reasons why this collection stands out: its one of kind prints, minimalistic style, monochrome, smooth watercolour.

    Each print created by hand with watercolour and ink and then identically transferred onto clothes.

    All prints 100% highest quality, which guarantees that print will not fade, crack or wash away.




    IXIWOOD is a small company from the Basque Country who work with wood.

    Our project started in a garage when we decided to repair a broken skateboard. It was the end of summer of 2010. Three friends and a garage full of tools made us venture into the world of crafts. Realising that the preparation wasn't feasible, we decided to make a new board yourselves

    Seeing the result was pretty good, we created different models and gave them to our friends. The early years served us to learn how to work the wood and to perfect our technique. At the beginning of 2015, we decided to take the leap and create a company.

    By that time, we had already begun manufacturing our first wooden glasses using the surplus wood of the longboards. After watching the results of the first sales, we realised that our market was not on the longboards, but on the wooden glasses. From there, every season we go for different fashion accessoriesalways handcrafting it with wood because wood makes us feel in touch with nature and it gives exclusivity to our customers. We believe in the development of innovative and sustainable products.

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked IXIWOOD for an innovative idea and modern design in accessories we use every day.  



    LES SOEURS ROUGES is a fashion and accessory brand founded in

    2009 by the sisters Dorrith de Roode and Marlous de Roode. The

    poetic themes from their collections often go back to the

    period in which their grandmother grew up, combined with the

    lost treasures of the city where they come from: The Hague in

    The Netherlands. History is their biggest source of

    inspiration. Their designs are handmade and wearable. 

    At the July Edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    Amsterdam LES SOEURS ROUGES showed their SS17 collection named

    ‘Le Parc Perdu’


    self-designed, Souvenirs from a lost zoo. In 1863 The Hague Zoo was established. The inspiration for the collection Le Parc Perdu, with the official name: Royal Zoological-Botanical Garden, opened with a large main building in Art Nouveau style, different greenhouses, poultry and quadrupeds. 

    After the war the area remained known as "the Zoo" but the animals were moved to other parks. In 1968 the remaining of the main building, also known as the Moorish Palace, was demolished. 

  • Mimoods Knits

    SOULFUL KNITS • Mindful Luxury from Netherlands

    Mimoods Knits finds inspiration in the notion of craft and the story about the artisan's path to mastery. This concept is reflected in original and artfully made pieces, knitted of premium Italian yarns. Our slow fashion label promotes the intentional buying and the idea of surrounding yourself only with items that you truly love and enjoy wearing for a longer time, creating a mindful lifestyle.

    Mimoods Knits has been founded by a Slovenian-born knitwear designer Spela
    Tabak and her life partner Andreas Tabak, a Dutch graphic designer, in The Netherlands. 





    STOYANOVA JEWELRY creates jewellery and leather accessories reflect the philosophy of individualism. Be exceptional is what we want to say to our customers. Being born in imagination, our jewellery is the result of sole creation and most of our pieces are absolutely unique. Creating special jewellery we use the only best material. Exotic leathers of python, varan, iguana, ostrich, crocodile and even eel are used in producing of our best pieces. We use steel and silver, selecting most unusual Swarovski crystals tones and cuts to delight you.

    Wе truly love our customers and exercise our care in all distinctions of the individual order.

    STOYANOVA JEWELRY is the genuine style seekers enclave, for extraordinary and charismatic people.