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  • AMPM




    Everything has its history. Our history began with the creation of classical models of backpacks in 2012. Today brand is family business owned by Igor Shtil and Kateryna Panchenko. If you are our client, you then you appreciate the uniqueness and features which are embodied in each model. You can distinguish a good product and notice details that others do not see. Details that make you happy. We try to offer a product that is at the forefront of creative thinking about future aesthetics. We continue creating and improving our products.

  • G. LVOV

    G. LVOV


    G. LVOV is a contemporary men’s underwear brand that glorifies masculine heritage through unconditional comfort and supreme quality. The core product is a signature model of boxers designed with physical men’s constitution in mind. The model itself is may look classic, but comes with a twist: looks different, perfect tailoring and choice of finest fabrics from all over the world.  G. LVOV – is pure comfort created by a love of detail. The name of the brand goes from the name of its designer – George Lvov, a young talented man with outstanding artistic taste. “When you see luxury products, all senses praise its quality. You like the smell, the touch, the way it looks. These emotions became a fundamental base for my collections. I want everyone who wears G.LVOV underwear feel the same”. Luxury Quality for Affordable Price Boxers are available in 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) and beautifully presented. Each item comes with a handcrafted signature box with a silky ribbon on it. Outstanding packaging makes G. LVOV underwear a great gift. “Add luxury flavour to the daily routine and feel special”.

  • Charlie Buckle

    Charlie Buckle



    Drawing inspiration from the fashion of the 1940s and ‘50s, Charlie’s designs include vibrant and eye-catching colors.

    Charlie Buckle is the fashionista behind the brand that bears her name. Launched in 2014, she has already begun to cement her place in the fashion world with her range of luxurious outerwear and stylish hats. Having studied design at Kensington & Chelsea College, Charlie’s background is in performing arts, and you may still catch her singing jazz-fusion when she’s not whipping up a funky new design or hard at work with thread and needle. 

  • Happy Fellow

    Happy Fellow



    Happy Fellow - young brand, making history here and now. Despite its youth brand follows principles of uncompromised quality, clarity and moderation.

    20 pieces organiser with socks is a `know how` from Happy Fellow: keep your socks organised, matched and smart. Happy Fellow believes that everything about the man should be smart, simple and organised, and this organiser with top quality socks delivers exactly that.

    Soon to come organiser for underpants and other accessories.

    Happy Fellow shows how little things make morning routine so much easier and happier.

    Brand philosophy - happiness in details.




    Born in the backstreet of Manchester England, Kurtis Paul represents the true gentleman. Specialising in premium luggage, the Kurtis Paul brand has one aim, craft beautiful, well-made products.

    The brand was established in 2015 by two brothers, from Manchester, who felt the frustrations of the current luggage market. Being avid travelers we had tried and tested a wide spectrum of the market and found there were generally two classes; the high street where low quality had almost become accepted and the designer brands where most of the costs were nested in the brand name and not necessarily the product. Kurtis Paul challenges this, it is our driving force to create beautiful products at a reasonable price without a compromise on quality. As an example, our recent Canvas Collection is crafted from a super thick 20oz canvas fabric. The market generally uses a fabric between 13-18oz. We chose this material to ensure the collection has a durable longevity and has a build quality we are happy to put our names to. 
  • Mouillere




    Re-invented by Mr Luc Mouillère and designed by the young designer Jean-Christophe Dumont, graduated from ENSCI,  the mouillere®  is entirely made in France: in a factory specialised in shoes moulded in thermoplastic rubber (TPR) in Gestè, near Nantes.

    The mouillère ® has many advantages:

    Economic: The mouillere® protect your shoes and prolong their life.

    Comfortable and secure: The mouillere® improves grip and keeps your feet dry.

    Practical: Because there is no difference between right and left foot, the mouillere® is easy to put on and remove and fits many different shoe models, male or female.

    Adaptable: The mouillere® can be worn not only on any wet surfaces but also in every other environment: town or countryside, on the beach or on the grass, while walking or biking, on a scooter, motorbike or while driving a car, on a boat, at gardening, etc..


    Seven Saints was founded by Kaliah Shil'Ee, a New Zealand born, California based jewellery designer, photographer, and mother of two, who was involved in the holistic healing field for many years, practising intuitive arts like Reiki, being attuned to Masters level. Looking for a way to blend her love of yoga and the spiritual with her burgeoning interest in the visual creative arts, on a four-month hiatus to India she sought out local artisans and craftspeople to teach her painting, sketching, and jewelry fabrication techniques in places like the far-flung villages of Orissa and Rajasthan, where she fortuitously met the family of the most renowned miniature painter in India, Badri Lal Chitrakar, and was invited into their atelier. 

    Looking to take her new skills further, she moved to Los Angeles and studied jewellery design, and in the subsequent years, her jewellery business was born. A collection of the 'spiritual seeker', yoga, the esoteric, and also her many explorations around the world are what inspire her.

    While maintaining a fashion sensibility, the jewellery utilizes healing gemstones and sacred symbols. Every printed text, scripture, positive thought, or symbol has been chosen intentionally to inspire and serve as a daily reminder to the wearer of their sacredness, divinity, inner light, and connection to a greater guiding force through the many ups and downs of life. 

    To date, Seven Saints has appeared in the likes of British Vogue, UK Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Red, British GQ, and Conde Nast Traveller.

  • Tsukor




    Tsukor- young Ukrainian apparel sport&casual brand established and based in Kyiv since 2014. We created our first collection with the aim to support Ukrainian people through a rough time. 

    Our first T-shirts “Glory to Ukraine” were the way to express our gratitude to all people in Ukraine and all over the world, who support us here in Ukraine and all over the world. Now we started to create more casual clothes, but we still have clothing line dedicated to Ukraine. 

    Our brand, it is our view of life, it is an idea which meets the sophisticated balance of quality, style and comfort! We strive to produce clothes which will be a part of your lifestyle and will reflect your state of mind and will inspire you. 

    We have no compromises when it comes to quality. We respect each point of view because our brand is about our customers and their personalities. We make our choices every day and we appreciate every second. Our future is today, we live today, we feel today and we act today!