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  • Michaela Frankova

    London based fashion brand with a focus on womenswear founded by Michaela Frankova whose background in couture and bespoke design has shaped the identity of the brand. Collection is a RTW with luxury couture look with a modern twist designed for a modern woman.

    Silk and lace intertwine in the beautiful designs of Michaela Frankova, created to make women feel glamorous, sensual and powerful. With colourful print designs provided by the artist T-Mo Bauer, Frankova’s stunning designs emanate classical beauty, evocative of the Golden Age of Hollywood with a contemporary twist for the modern woman.


    Here at TwentyFour fashion, our brand ethos is to create on-trend, chic clothes that are easy to wear day or night, out to functions or just for fun. We believe that our simple designs offer a package of cool sophistication that allows you to dress up or dress down as you wish. Priding ourselves on product quality, from the precise designing to the careful fabric selection and down to create the final product, every stage in the process has the ultimate attention to detail so that we can create clothes that you will want to wear over again. 



    ANCIENT SOUL FUTURISTIC IDENTITY!                     

    Soul Made products are a reflection of ancient wisdom, spiritual power of the individual, and reawakening in the modern world. Soul Made Collection, consisting of %100 pure wool felt and genuine leather combinations, has been exclusively designed to remind wearers their inner powers.

    Soul Made’s designer and founder Nur Adiguzel, got a college education on Advertising and Communication and after then she finished Fashion Design training. She is a professional marketing executive who draws roadmaps to brands, make them create difference and boom with her creativity,  professional skills and talents. 

    Currently, she is the founder her designer brand Soul Made at the same time she is the head of a creative agency. Nur believes that brands should have souls that’s why when she adds soul to her brand Soul Made, she wanted to choose a cosy and unique way that reflects her spiritual knowledge and journey to moderns people’s lives and make them remind their inner Powers with Soul Made’s unique and precious details and also influential story with the symbols. 

    The destination is to raise this soul with natural materials without any damage to universe’s soul, on the contrary, being useful to the World. Nur Adiguzel’s and Soul Made’s magical journey continues in full swing to impress the whole World…

    The collection consists of bohemian, casual and minimalist shoes, boots and bag designs. Soul Made designs, the brand name and its story carry deep spiritual truths, just like its special patterns and materials. Each design features a special pattern adorned with auspicious symbols. 

    These exclusively designed patterns, which are meant to bring good luck to its wearers. They also add a spiritual depth, a profound level of inwardness and life energies to Soul Made products.


    Soul Made is a unique and enchanting designer brand that was invited to a lot of important fashion shows as Paris Fashion Week Premiere Classe Tuileries, even in its first season launch.

    Let’s remind our inner powers and heal the earth’s soul together with fashion!

  • AvecVous Lingerie


    Avec Vous is a luxury lingerie brand. Our product is produced from the finest materials and handcrafted in Italy.
    We take pride in creating beautiful lingerie with a soft sensual touch, made of silk with a comfort stretch providing a luxurious less constricting feel.
    Designed by Stefanie Short an American designer who studied fashion in Manhattan, London, Florence and finally Paris, where she specialized in lingerie.
    Stefanie’s philosophy,”Lingerie can invoke fantasy and spirit in a woman.”
    Our goal is to provide a beautiful product that can inspire a woman’s sensuality.



    Anais Bijouterie will add spark to your life and will make you stand out. Every piece in Anais collection made with women in mind. Anais wants every woman to feel special, elegant, effortlessly mysterious.

    Japanese premium beads, Swarovski crystals and pearls got entangled together to transform into elegant jewellery that emphasises significance and uniqueness of their owner. 
“While I create a design for each item, I am consumed with the desire to make every woman, who wears my bijouterie, feel crowned, switched out of everydayness into the world where she is in the centre of admiration and recognition”, - says Anastasia Musiyaka, the founder and designer of Anais Bijouterie.



    Ukraine 2010




    Ashleigh's design philosophy entails creating bold prints coupled with timeless elegance, for the modern, sophisticated woman with an edge. Painted by her, the prints represent the gracefulness and serenity of nature. Using her simple garment silhouettes as her canvas, Ashleigh's art becomes wearable, resulting in unique, beautiful, and luxurious clothing.

    Chosen by REDKEN 5th Ave NYC in collaboration with The Journal Magazine, her graduate collection “Arctic Expressionism" was showcased at The Big Top on the REDKEN runway at the Australian Hair and Fashion Awards 2015, March 29th 2015. This collection was also selected to showcase in the Raffles International Showcase at the prestigious China Graduate Fashion Week, held in Beijing, May 18th 2015. Her dresses, 'Glacial' and 'Aquadity' were displayed in the D+Y Showroom during the week.

    In May the following year, Ashleigh was selected to showcase for the second time in Beijing, where she debuted her first collection as a designer, “Inflorescence" Spring Summer 2017.

    In addition, Ashleigh was chosen to participate in a design competition for a Westfield and Raffles collaboration. Her specially designed print and look for this exclusive collaboration was displayed at Westfield Parramatta in August, and won the "Judges Choice” award, taking home the top prize. Ashleigh Kwong was one of six designers chosen for this collaboration, who was mentioned as "Australia's best-emerging designers from Raffles College of Design" by Westfield.

    In January 2017, Ashleigh launched her online store, where she released her “Inflorescence” collection, and in March, her “Classics” range, under her self-titled label ASHLEIGH KWONG.

    On the 18th of May, 2017, Ashleigh showcased her Resort 2018 collection, "Raked Repose", at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, on the Carriageworks runway. She was mentioned in the newspaper and in online articles by The Leader News, InStyle Magazine Australia, and was featured on

    The designer now works across Australia, Singapore, Thailand and China to create unique and beautiful garments for women.

  • Aithne - Art on Scarf



    “The process of my work is a spiritual research into my true inner nature bringing my mind to a state of oneness with all existence that expresses itself through me. The main source of my inspiration is the Nature with all its complexity. And the world of dreams revealing itself through some of my works is a part of it. I hope that through my paintings I am able to bring to you that sense of deep presence and connection with nature that flows through me in the process of work.”

    Ararat Petrossian

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked Aithne for the uniqueness of the prints. 

    A family company that shares beauty, vision and the art of an amazing painter Ararat Petrossian, creating timeless pieces not just on canvas but on silk. 

  • Aurein

    The joy of motherhood: so many new things to explore and so many old habits to say goodbye to...but it's not always easy...for example for hard can it be to find right swimwear?

    Swimwear that would flatter and embrace your new body. A piece that is appropriate to wear amongst other mothers and babies at the pool. A piece that would allow moving carefree as you play with a baby. A piece that would make you feel comfortable, confident and stylish...

    Aurein swim is about understanding a mother's need to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. For Aurein swim, nothing is more sublime than creating new and beautiful memories with family. We put lots of love and dedication into Aurein swim - I hope you will enjoy wearing our pieces as much as we enjoy creating them.


    Ukraine 2017

    CARORA® is a ready to wear collection in the casual-chic style.

    Sourcing natural European fabrics, treating them with impeccable tailoring skills is CARORA.

    Inspired by French trends and freedom in style CARORA tries to recreate French flawless and free chic. 

    The best natural fabrics - no more than 20% of artificial fibres in a fabric, in rare cases it is supposed to no more than 50%.

    The casual style became such a strong part of our every day. Practical, comfortable, giving a sense of comfort - this penetrated our hearts and wardrobes through shoes, clothes and even a lifestyle. 

    Convenience is fashionable. And if "convenient" is also beautiful - it's a jackpot! Only casual-chic and only for ladies.



    Everything started small - with little range of clothes for children. 

    Knowing how important children`s health and comfort for their parents, Cucheryachi created their first collection for children made of 100% organic fabrics and natural linen. 

    Shortly Cucheryachi introduced a new collection for women, following core principles: using best organic fabrics, bold fabric combinations and casual style. 

    Another element that makes this brand stand out is that designer creates flawless and effortless silhouettes that from the very first touch becomes `your own`, creating familiar comfort and sense of freedom. 

    Clothes from Cucheryachi reflects best aspects of modern fashion: being original, unpredictable, applicable and timeless.

  • Charlie Buckle

    Charlie Buckle



    Drawing inspiration from the fashion of the 1940s and ‘50s, Charlie’s designs include vibrant and eye-catching colors.

    Charlie Buckle is the fashionista behind the brand that bears her name. Launched in 2014, she has already begun to cement her place in the fashion world with her range of luxurious outerwear and stylish hats. Having studied design at Kensington & Chelsea College, Charlie’s background is in performing arts, and you may still catch her singing jazz-fusion when she’s not whipping up a funky new design or hard at work with thread and needle. 

  • Charlotte London

    Charlotte London is an international brand specializing in women’s jackets and blazers for the modern, international and elegant woman. The brand focuses on creating beautiful and easy to wear jackets for any occasion. 

    Charlotte London jackets are inspired by the desire to create an elegant but contemporary product for today’s global woman, and the London collection in particular was inspired by the sophisticated London style that is unique to the British city. Each item is easy to style and designed to be every female’s staple piece- the one that brings a touch of elegance and glamour to her look.  

    Charlotte Hollihan launched her namesake label, Charlotte London, in 2016 to bring into the world the perfect jackets and blazers for the modern, international and polished woman. 

    Charlotte views jackets as fun accessories. She loves that they can change the look and feel of an outfit in an instant, and always aims to create freshly chic and versatile pieces to complement any look. 

    By sourcing fabrics in classic materials and combining them with modern styling inspired by her travels, Charlotte aims through all of her collections to bring a bit of fun, elegance and glamour into everyday life. 

  • FruitenVeg


    Coming from a background of leather craftsmanship we realized that as much as we like leather and fur we love animals more. We’ve decided to dedicate our efforts to creating non-leather luxury bags, that will bring a fresh angle to the exotics and fur bags niche. FruitenVeg - the never leather project, is our way of saying, hey, luxury bags don’t have to be made out of leather. If you mix high-end craftsmanship with quality hardware, precise design and interesting materials, you got yourself a surprisingly fresh alternative.

    FruitenVeg is an accessories label based in NYC, specializing in whimsical handbags both fun and practical. With playful combinations of exotic faux leather, fluffy faux fur, unique prints, colours and textures, we challenge the traditional materialistic concept of luxury goods. Color is used vibrantly and adventurously to produce statement pieces that complete a uniquely fun and fashion-forward look.

  • G.Point


    The journey of fashion brand G.POINT began in 2016.

    The G.POINT brand is created to reveal magical sexuality, which exists in every woman.

    Our products from the elite stretch viscose fabric ( top quality), gently fit figure and creating an ideal silhouette.

    Internal strength, chic, sexuality, and self-confidence are the rules of our game.

    Drop all doubts and buy yourself a pair of special outfits that will emphasize your figure.
    The mission of G.POINT brand is to create the most feminine and sexy dresses which will help any woman to become a true Queen of the evening.

    Your story - our dress!

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked G.Point for its reflection of women's beauty and sexuality. Their ability transform all qualities into dresses that make us - women feel stronger, taller, confident and most of all BEAUTIFUL.
  • InSideU

    InsideU - is a creative atelier which creates clothes with secrets. Each of our collections has its own secrets that are hidden from others and are known only to clothes owners. You will find secret pockets, printed lining and so on - these are our signature. We use only natural fabrics which you gonna love to wear every day. We create comfortable clothes with unique designers features that will make it unique.


    Ukraine, Est. 2009

    Handmade hats in a happy yellow box.

    Natural materials like feathers, Panama straw, silk and cashmere along with the craftsmanship approach make IVLISA hats the best accessory for an elegant look of contemporary it-girl.

    Brand’s designer has graduated from two best colleges – Instituto Marangoni and London College of Fashion and this is why all her pieces are created according to the craftsmanship traditions.

    Exclusive IVLISA hats and headdresses would let any girl create an image that she dreamt of.

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked IVLISA for their quality of craft, each detail on each hat is done with skill and precision. We also like the fact that each hat comes with the special box for storage and travelling. 

  • J.D.Wool

    Ukraine, Est. 2016

    J.D.Wool is young vibrant Ukrainian brand that launched in 2016 delivering stylish and elegant pieces. J.D. is actually initials of designer and wool is her most favourite fabric to work with.

    High-quality clothes created high demand and provided loyal customers in no time. His collection known for its elegance and comfort. Natural fabric provides easy looking after routine, making each piece last and be part of your wardrobe for a long time.

    J.D. Wool takes everyday items like dresses, jumpers, cardigans, knitwear to a whole new level, making you feel special every time you wear them if it`s just picking up kids from school.

    J.D. Wool believes quality provides luxury.

  • K M by L A N G E

    Ukraine, Est.2016

    Brand of modern raw elegance K M by L A N G E is a creative design studio based between Barcelona and Kyiv. All items are crafted out of quality materials from European suppliers and each piece carefully handcrafted by women for women. K M by L A N G E is concerned for the right compensation for all women artisans involved in. 

    The first collection was launched in 2016, available online and in some retailers. We consider that our outfits are an important part of the message women express with their look. We design our collections to bring beauty and aesthetic which permits women to define individuality in style regardless of social perception. 

    Fashion moves fast but we don´t. We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace. We believe in quality, not necessary the quantity. The whole collection presents a woman in an extremely delicate and personal way. We believe that each woman is different and totally unique, there are no stereotypes, our aim was to create cloth for standout personalities. We believe in raw elegance and forms, black and nude colours which create a sensitive metaphor to describe effortless attraction and femininity. 

    The silhouettes of our first collection were influenced by the concept of free attitude, dynamic lifestyle and modern feminine delicacy. Each piece in our collection can stand on its own or be mixed with other pieces to create whole new look. We offer a wide range of fabrics in the collection : from organic linen, wool to neopren and denim. The whole collection is completely handmade by women and defined by a special attention to details with hand-stitched finishings.


    KNITEL - label with a distinctive character, oriented on purposeful and independent people, where self-confidence borders on a sense of style.

    Philosophy. "If a thing can be sewed, so why it can not be tied?' 

    Goal. Create an image that can convey the uniqueness and individuality. To form a recognizable style, which emphasizes the best.

    "In no case do not claim the title of the designer, I just create clothes that gladly wear myself. KNITEL has own individual style - bold and original. We love to combine completely unexpected colours and textures.

    The girl from KNITEL - extraordinary person who appreciates comfort, quality and not afraid to experiment. She is not striving for innovations in fashion, she creates a unique look every day! And we are glad that every day you become more and more - it is the best motivation for us!"

  • L.AND


    TM L.AND Ukrainian brand inspired by the diversity of the urban lifestyle. 

    L.AND knows no boundaries in mixing styles and fabrics in order to create a wide range of outfits for day wear & night wear. The collection split into Day & Night looks.  

    Each piece created and manufactured in Ukraine with precision and accuracy in details and techniques. We use high-quality fabrics and compromise on nothing. 

    L.AND - style for modern women who finds beauty in every moment of chaotic fast urban lifestyle.




    Ash started LOVINGLY years ago as a passion to help women & men live out who they want to be. We want to assist you in telling your unique story, we want to walk that out with you, we want our hand-formed goods to be a part of who you are in this world. If we can be the favourite necklace you reach for or the print your eyes hit in the morning light that empowers you to take on the day, then we’re doing our job right.

    We utilize carefully curated glittering gemstones, unconventional geometric designs, cotton cord, hand picked wood, and so much more to bring you the very best of the best. Through this, Ash creates both functional and edgy pieces of jewellery and accessories that will be sure to add dimension and style to any and every wardrobe and home. The minimalistic statement style blends from women’s wear, to men’s, and now into a budding home goods collection. 

  • La Mare Swimwear


    We are La Mare Swimwear and would like to introduce our brand.

    We are a young company, but our products are already gaining popularity among shoppers throughout the world.

    Our swimwear campaign was recently featured in and

    La Mare Swimwear’s debut collection consists of two parts. The first line features over 20 styles of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. The vast variety of these swimsuits makes it easy to find the perfect option for any body shape and style preference. Unique colour combinations, vivid details and fine tailoring – are all distinctive features of this line.

    The second line features bandage swimsuits in 15 different colour combinations. This line is moderately priced and is aimed at a younger audience. We are very proud of our exclusive tailoring technique used in producing this collection. It was developed in-house by our designers and utilises a special kind of rubber in the creation and refinement of our products.

    HOUSE of BOTTA chose La Mare for its sexy and feminine design. We love looking irresistible on the beach.

  • Lalkarka by Loyanich

    Ukraine, Est. 2011

    Lalkarka by Loyanich - Ukrainian brand established in 2014 by two sisters Anna and Aleksandra Loyanich.  Simple lines, detailed stitching, natural fabrics, art embroidery are main elements that make the brand stand out among others.

    Aleksandra was born and raised in Kiev, where later on she studied decorative art at the Boichuk University. Brand`s collection reflects Aleksandra`s vision of modern women: confident, determent, charismatic and feminine at the same time - all of which expressed through modern silhouette, bright ethnic details incorporated in embroidery. 

    Lalkarka by Loyanich believes in elegance in every day and decoration is a MUST.

  • Logic Clothes

    Ukraine, Est. 2015

    Logic Clothes is a brand of women’s clothes. Established by young Ukrainian designers in Kiev, 2015.

    Simplicity in style, logic, intentional femininity, comfort, natural fabrics is brand main concepts.

    We tend to create clothes from cotton, silk, wool, linen fabrics of rare colours and prints.

    We create emotional clothes that impress, please and remain in people’s memory.

    All clothes exist in a limited quantity, what gives you required exclusiveness.


    New York-based MALAIKA inspires a futuristic and minimalistic aesthetic while keeping sustainable design practices at the forefront of all creations. Launched on Earth Day of April 2016, MALAIKA’s garments are designed and handmade in New York with a deliberate, two-fold purpose. Purpose for the wearer and propose for the environment. The brand aims to eliminate environmental detriments by utilizing minimal or zero waste patterns while maximizing wearability by producing a luxe-quality, contemporary line that remains in style now and in the future. For each item sold, a tree is planted for The Canopy Project. 

    MALAIKA furthers sustainability efforts by integrating up-cycled materials like plastics and regenerative fabrics. 


    The Designer: 


    Malaika was born and raised in Denmark in a small village called Jordrup.  As a young girl, she drew and created her own designs inspired by futuristic movies such as The Terminator, Back to the Future and The Matrix. Her early creations clearly showed the futuristic inspiration with silver and neon colours on traditional silhouettes incorporating triangles and materials like faux leather and reflective fabrics.


    Malaika studied supply chain management which acted as a catalyst for her involvement in the fashion industry, one of the most polluting industries. She continued to study fashion design formally at Parsons The New School of Design. Here, she created iconic Zero Vest, a staple piece of the brand. Malaika has also gained notoriety working with high profile brands like Michael Kors and Guess Inc. 


    She has made her mark, professionally, by crafting garments with zero waste patterns and unconventional textile treatments. Her design aesthetics are inspired by the clean lines, architecture and texture she sees in everyday life. While maintaining a sleek minimalistic look, her line exudes futuristic auras. 



    "MARSALA" - new Ukrainian shoe brand. 

    First of all, "MARSALA" shoes is a result of the true passion of its creator - Maris Maslyi, who is also a photographer and film director. 

    The "MARSALA" idea and concept was born in Sicily, after another glass of Marsala, incredible wine which inspired Maria to pursue her dream of creating perfect shoes, which had on her mind for years.   

    Sicilian wine with its rich and vibrant flavour, reflect perfectly the qualities Maria wanted her brand to represent: classy look,  with clear individuality in every pair. 

    Each pair laconic and feminine. Colors bright but settled. Classic pumps presented in many interesting styles, loafers, brogues, bottilon, boots - each model was created to highlight individual style and provide comfort in wear. 

    "MARSALA" creates each model with Italian thrust shoe and real leather. Carefully crafted with precision, care, and love in Ukraine. 

    "MARSALA" is premium quality shoes. This brand aims to introduce to the world Ukrainian premium quality products that not only can compete with Europian brands but dominate the market among top European brands. 

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked MARSALA first of all for its quality. We, personally, tired of shoes that give you blisters and uncomfortable to walk in. We also support women in business and companies that create truly quality products. We choose MARSALA. How about you? Dare to try something new? 


    SOULFUL KNITS • Mindful Luxury from Netherlands

    Mimoods Knits finds inspiration in the notion of craft and the story about the artisan's path to mastery. This concept is reflected in original and artfully made pieces, knitted of premium Italian yarns. Our slow fashion label promotes the intentional buying and the idea of surrounding yourself only with items that you truly love and enjoy wearing for a longer time, creating a mindful lifestyle.

    Mimoods Knits has been founded by a Slovenian-born knitwear designer Spela
    Tabak and her life partner Andreas Tabak, a Dutch graphic designer, in The Netherlands. 

  • MY25

    Ukraine, Est. 2016 

    MY25 - Ukrainian brand which creates beautiful and comfortable shoes, considering every detail about women feet. Every shoe carefully crafted with best Italian materials. 

    MY25 concept is built on traditional shoe style - pumps. Its shoe-tree was created with a help of 300 girls to find the perfect fit.

    Brand history started from an incredible passion for shoes of its creator - Catherine Lysenko. Initially, she aimed to make a product which would match high quality, look and comfort of original Italian shoes. Today MY25 knows like no one else how important beautiful and comfortable shoes are.

    Shoes are the basis of the wardrobe. Shoes highlight the femininity, show self-confidence. Shoes walk you to the successful negotiations and romantic date. Shoes make you dance. Shoes make your step light and flawless. Anything is possible if shoes are comfortable.

    MY25 is like magic. 

    MY25 means shoes are never enough and each pair of them, for certain, will remind the women about her pleasant and happy moments in life.

    MY25 also shows the comfort of shoes, hinting that in the day there could be 25 hours by magic and if so in those 25 hours you won't even notice that you wearing heels. And, of course, every woman and a lady in her soul is always a young girl. MY25 also wants to remind every woman about  “my inner 25” that holds lightness and joy within us.

  • MYClothing


    MYClothing creates clothes on three core principles: design, quality, value. 

    Our clothes follow the global fashion trend, brings you comfort, and suitable for many occasions. 

    We understand that modern lifestyle demands from women to play many roles at once: being a mum, businesswoman, wife, - and with that in mind we try to create clothes that would fit into your busy lifestyle making you look beautiful, feel comfortable and happy no matter what day brings.  

    Details are important, and we perfect them in the clothes we create.

  • Madmoicon


    From mixing Mademoiselle and Garçon Madmoicon has born, a new brand 100% Made in Barcelona.

    20's silhouette, 90's details, with a genderless touch and an"athleisure style", the basic ideas related to it.

    Emerging designer, coming from sewing family (Burberry's, Mango, Conti sewers,...) and with more than 10 years experience in retail as shop assistant, stylist, image consultant and multinational manager boutique nowadays.

  • MatiaBeachWear


    Matia Beachwear is a fashion, surf and lifestyle inspired swimwear brand, designed and manufactured to underline the natural beauty of a woman's body.

    Matia BeachWear offers a Bikini collection of high-quality swimwear with a minimalist and sexy aesthetic design which fit a wide range of body types.

    Based and manufactured in Portugal, Matia BeachWear is European based swimwear brand. 

    Matia Beachwear reflects philosophy 'Less is more', embarrassing nature and surrounding.  

    Sexy and flattering cuts combined with luxury Italian fabrics and designed to emphasise the beauty of a female body.

    HOUSE of BOTTA choose Matia BeachWear for minimalistic style combined with supreme quality. Simple lines and cut make the whole silhouette so irresistible and natural at its core.  

  • Mouillere

    France, Est. 2012 

    Re-invented by Mr Luc Mouillère and designed by the young designer Jean-Christophe Dumont, graduated from ENSCI,  the mouillere®  is entirely made in France: in a factory specialised in shoes moulded in thermoplastic rubber (TPR) in Gestè, near Nantes.

    The mouillère ® has many advantages:

    Economic: The mouillere® protect your shoes and prolong their life.

    Comfortable and secure: The mouillere® improves grip and keeps your feet dry.

    Practical: Because there is no difference between right and left foot, the mouillere® is easy to put on and remove and fits many different shoe models, male or female.

    Adaptable: The mouillere® can be worn not only on any wet surfaces but also in every other environment: town or countryside, on the beach or on the grass, while walking or biking, on a scooter, motorbike or while driving a car, on a boat, at gardening, etc..


    France, Est. 2015

    This is Fanny,  incredibly talented French Designer who in her early 30's not only worked with labels like Chanel, Louis Vuitton but also established her own successful brand NINII. 

    Going against the current and far from the serious diktats imposed by fashionistas, this ready-to-wear brand presents a world full of humour, irony and fantasy - much in the character of its creator.

    Mix of 90s clubbing kitsch and streetwear style, NINII collections are inspired by everyday objects and childhood imageries dressed up in sequins, acid colours and exclusive patches straight out of the madcap universe of its designer.

    A quirky collection, full of humour for unapologetic young women that prefer to make up their own rules rather than follow the traditional codes of the fashion victim world.



    We believe in Sea. We believe that the sea is very similar to a woman in that sense – it could be also as much different – now impulsive, then quiet. We would like ladies to accept themselves as much as possible, becoming just a better version of the “self” rather than the other person. 

    They should not try to alter themselves completely, depriving of individuality. It is better to be just natural and real, i.e. a beautiful lady that accepts and loves herself. 

    Perhaps, this is some commonplace truth, but it is really true. 

    Our dresses are often sensual and romantic; we do not use strict geometry and sophisticated silhouettes.



    Ozerianko Bags is the design and production of leather and textile bags, as well as rucksacks.

    The art, skill, style and constant experimenting provide a consummate result in beautiful unique collections of leather accessories.  

    OZERIANKO is a constant search for new materials and interesting combinations, always creating something new. 

  • Panika

    Ukraine, Est. 2014

    Brand Panika was established in 2014 by two designers Anna Fedchenko and Alyona Fedotkina: "We wanted to have playful, colourful, stylish and affordable jewellery and could not find it". 

    So, one asked another "Maybe we should do it ourselves?" 

    Since then we have been making jewellery for people who are enjoying life, dress without prejudice and a little crazy like us.


    Ukraine, Est. 2016

    Is there any point wearing clothes that don't make you feel good? QUALITAS believes in 100% comfort. 

    Young Ukrainian brand creates casual stylish clothes for every day. Whether you choose the romantic or bold look, QUALITAS has it. 

    QUALITAS customers have one thing in common - they not scared to stand out from the crowd and love mix and match different looks to have new exciting outfits every day. Strong, feminine and sexy collections for modern women. 

  • Ruth Melbourne

    Ruth Melbourne is the founder of Ruth Melbourne, the ultimate in luxe British intimate jewellery.

    Ruth launched her label following rave reviews for costume design and accessories in the music video ‘Let Me’ by recording artist The Floacist in 2011.

    The conceptual body jewellery line lays particular emphasis on luxurious statement pieces that celebrate the female form. The hand-made bespoke pieces are timeless, fun, daring and not for the faint hearted – the perfect accompaniment for the fashionista with a taste for the risque.

    Conceptualised, painstakingly hand crafted and beautifully packaged in London, the pieces are the ultimate in intimate luxury.

    Ruth Melbourne both artist and the label have garnered international interest and have been featured in the press across America, Asia and Europe. The line has been seen on Miley Cyrus, Carmen Carrera, Brooke Candy Happy Day’s music video, Laura Mvula, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Laganja Estranja.


     Ukraine, Est. 2016

    SAUREN — Young brand premium class. Established in Kiev 2016. The brand named after designer NADIYA SAURINA. 

    A main focus of the brand at the start was outdoor clothes: jackets, macs, coats, down jackets. Although this summer collection included elegant summer dresses, sarafans, skirts, tops & blouses. 

    Overal SAUREN creates clothes in smart casual style, with a hint of feminity. SAUREN believes in individuality and each item in the collection designed to highlight feminity and inner beauty. 

    All items designed and produced in Ukraine. Undeniable quality and high standard.


    Seven Saints was founded by Kaliah Shil'Ee, a New Zealand born, California based jewellery designer, photographer, and mother of two, who was involved in the holistic healing field for many years, practising intuitive arts like Reiki, being attuned to Masters level. Looking for a way to blend her love of yoga and the spiritual with her burgeoning interest in the visual creative arts, on a four-month hiatus to India she sought out local artisans and craftspeople to teach her painting, sketching, and jewelry fabrication techniques in places like the far-flung villages of Orissa and Rajasthan, where she fortuitously met the family of the most renowned miniature painter in India, Badri Lal Chitrakar, and was invited into their atelier. 

    Looking to take her new skills further, she moved to Los Angeles and studied jewellery design, and in the subsequent years, her jewellery business was born. A collection of the 'spiritual seeker', yoga, the esoteric, and also her many explorations around the world are what inspire her.

    While maintaining a fashion sensibility, the jewellery utilizes healing gemstones and sacred symbols. Every printed text, scripture, positive thought, or symbol has been chosen intentionally to inspire and serve as a daily reminder to the wearer of their sacredness, divinity, inner light, and connection to a greater guiding force through the many ups and downs of life. 

    To date, Seven Saints has appeared in the likes of British Vogue, UK Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Red, British GQ, and Conde Nast Traveller.

  • SMPL


    Ukraine, Est. 2016 

    "There is no need to choose between comfort and beauty anymore" - That was the reason for SMPL underwear brand creation.

    The Team of SMPL consists of three sisters, creating product primarily for themselves, for their friends, relatives and their children. We make the best quality product that fits the figure to perfection for us and we want it to be perfect for you.

    We are fed up with the choice available for women today: you can wear something really sexy or something comfortable. These qualities don`t seem to go together in one package.  As women, we want everything at once! We want to feel and look sexy and comfortable at the same time.

    Before product was launched, it has been tested by many women to ensure that our product delivers exactly the qualities it was designed for.

    We felt a strong sense of responsibility towards all phases: while creating the design and high-quality elastic waistband, comfortable underwear curve which would be ideal and complement any figure; choosing the best organic fabric with a pleasant feel to your body.

    You may ask why organic cotton?

    Underwear - a very intimate part of our wardrobe that daily contact with the most delicate parts of the body. So it should not be underestimated.

    After exploring this question in details, analysing the principles of cotton growing, particularly the use of agrochemicals and their impact on the environment and potential risks of harm to humans, we realised that only underwear from organic cotton will give us the feeling of healthy comfort and security.

    Be organic. Be healthy. Be sexy. Be SMPL

  • Samui Goddess

    Islands of Samui 

    The legend of Genevieve begins in Belgium when at age seven she watches the movie “Blue Lagoon” and decides she wants to live on an island, careless and comfortable in one’s own skin.

    Growing up in her hometown Roeselare she was known to give style and fashion advice to everyone who crossed her path.

    She had the touch and feeling for fabrics and always carries a little cloth as a fidget toy. She’s lost without it …. still at present.

    In her teenage years, she had a preference for bikinis when shopping and collecting her wardrobe.

    When she finally found a soulmate who would follow her in her childhoods dream, she arrived on Koh Samui in 1999 a beautiful paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand.

    At that time she couldn’t find exactly what she would love to wear in her new lifestyle, so with the support and trigger of her soulmate she started her own brand of bikinis and beachwear, opened several shops very successfully and so in January 2013 “Samui Goddess” was launched as an upgrade of her existing collections .

    The name came undoubtedly because of Genevieve’s popularity and admiration on the island for her classic beauty and stylish yet modest presence that brightens every space she enters. The uncrowned queen who makes all her customers look swell and comfortable.

    HOUSE of BOTTA with pride and joy introducing Samui Goddess to the UK women. This brand focuses on making every woman feel and look like Goddess and we love it.  

  • Shooz'Up

    UK, Est. 2015

    These innovative heels are here to change your life! 

    They were designed to give you little extra height, to make your figure slimmer, make you feel sexy and tall.

    These secrets heels make you feel as good as you look, boosting your inner confidence so you carry yourself with self-assurance from head to toe.

    You might not think a little heel can do all that.

    Ready to run all day without any pain ?

  • Silkberry Scarves

    Ukraine, Est. 2017

    Silkberry Scarves is a young brand created by two sisters Kaliuzhna Anna & Karmazina Mariia.  Mariia is an artist and a designer. Painting been passion for Mariia since she was five years old. Anna is an experienced manager and an entrepreneur at heart.  

    Love to scarves came from their mother who been collecting vintage scarves. All childhood girls have been playing, styling and creating new scarves. And when they grew up they decided to make scarves for real. Great ones, bright ones, timeless so that other women could collect them and their daughters could play with them. 

    Silkberry Scarves stand for originality, creativity, brightness and of course quality. Prints made by illustrators with incredible imagination and creativity. Scarves made by Italian experts at the Como lake from 100% finest silk, rolled by hand. 



    Behind the face of THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox, designer, Miss Fabiana Boumbis introduces a luxury custom made scrunchie line like you have never seen before! Bringing back your ultimate styling accessory with a twist like no other. "Scrunchies are not just a hair accessory, they have the potential to be much more in a creative way".
    Designing a custom-made luxury scrunchie line, Fabiana has drawn attention to detail, using luxurious fabrications, although has kept your original design of a scrunchie for more of a simple form of wear. "I wanted to design for two types of scrunchie angels - ones who love to be fashion forward, daring and stand out in a unique way & for those who love to keep it simple but classic".
    So what are you waiting for! Make a statement, be inspired and style it your way ♡ ox
  • TM TATIANA Shchurova

    Ukraine, Est. 2012

    TM TATIANA Shchurova is the creator of embroidered collections shirt-vyshyvanka and unconventional dresses for modern women.

    The brand launched in 2012. The designer was inspired by a trip, learning about embroidered craft, its art and history.

    Ukrainian brand TM TATIANA Shchurova transforms cultural spirit into modern ready to wear clothes, highlighting the art, cultural tradition of the Ukrainian embroidery.

    The cut defines the past and present, and its culture as a single unit. TM TATIANA Shchurova creates collections only made of natural fabrics, a variety of cuts, exclusive embroidery and colour combinations.


    Ukraine, Est. 2016

    TOORIE is a Ukrainian brand of knitting handicrafts. The designer creates original pieces which runt the tone of any of your images combining comfort and originality in it. The basis includes only natural materials of high quality like wool, angora, cashmere and cotton. 

    The key brand’s feature is pompon (TOORIE) which you can see on every our hat. We take much care about details so each our collection is made in limited edition and is the trend of the season. Specific brand peculiarities are emotional sexuality and laconic chic. With TOORIE you will easily underline your exclusive style and show yourself a new.


    Ukraine, Est. 2014

    Tsukor- young Ukrainian apparel sport&casual brand established and based in Kyiv since 2014. We created our first collection with the aim to support Ukrainian people through a rough time. 

    Our first T-shirts “Glory to Ukraine” were the way to express our gratitude to all people in Ukraine and all over the world, who support us here in Ukraine and all over the world. Now we started to create more casual clothes, but we still have clothing line dedicated to Ukraine. 

    Our brand, it is our view of life, it is an idea which meets the sophisticated balance of quality, style and comfort! We strive to produce clothes which will be a part of your lifestyle and will reflect your state of mind and will inspire you. 

    We have no compromises when it comes to quality. We respect each point of view because our brand is about our customers and their personalities. We make our choices every day and we appreciate every second. Our future is today, we live today, we feel today and we act today!

  • VONA

    Ukraine, Est. 2015 

    VONA launched in March 2015 at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days with collection FW15/16. Quickly noticed by foreign buyers and interest from the customers, Alena Drigula - brand designer, had to expand her collection to meet the demand she suddenly received.  The same year other fashion shows followed - Kazakhstan Fashion Week with collection SS16. 

    VONA loved by customers not only Ukraine but in Russian and Kazakhstan. Brand finally ready to enter European market and share their vision on fashion.

    VONA creates smart casual everyday wear collection. Each piece in the collection was created first of all for comfort. Details to the lines, cuts and carefully selected fabrics make NOVA really stand out. 

    Seasonal collection followed by special occasions capsule collection of evening dresses, beach ready to wear and Christmas special.  

    VONA also launched footwear collection and aiming to expand even further. 

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked VONA for individuality in style, as well as a broad collection: VONA customers can find ready to wear look for any occasion and event.  

  • Ying Cai



    Born in Canton, China, Ying Cai is an American designer living and working in New York City. She was born into a family with four generations in the clothing business. She developed her skills in design and sewing by watching her mother sketch, draw patterns, and sew her family's wardrobe. At the age of 12, she began professional ballet training and at age 17, she received a full scholarship to study at the Beijing Dance Academy. Eventually, she made her way to the United States to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at Shenandoah University. It wasn’t long before she found her way back to her family’s roots, fashion design. 

    She launched her eponymous label in 2015. Her early career as a ballerina has heavily influenced her awareness of proportion and informed an effortless attitude evident in her work as a designer. Her Eastern background also influenced her simple and elegant style, yet it always retains a touch of youthful energy through the use of colour. “Since I was a child, I instantly respond to colour, conveying energy and personality to me. I often find colour inspiration from nature. It’s unexpected and seamlessly harmonized at the same time...” Pairing proportion with colour has become the identity of the label. 

    e designer also puts focus on quality and the finish of each piece. With the intent of creating a true luxury brand, she strives to find the best quality fabrics to reinforce the aesthetic of the brand. Cai believes the inside of the garment is just as important as the outside, a standard the designer believes is at the heart of her brand. 

    Ying Cai debuted her second collection in February 2016, in Hollywood, CA and her third collection in March 2017, Paris. Pieces from her collections were worn by Fox producer Heliya Alam at the 2016 Oscar Red Carpet; model and actress Dustin Quick at ' e Man Who Saved e World' premiere during the Atomic Age Cinema Fest in April 2016 in Los Angeles; actress Elise Luthman at the 37th Young Artist Award as nominee and presenter which broadcasted on PBS in March, 2016; actress Christina Ochoa at the Oscar celebration party in Hollywood, February 2017. 

  • Zhilyova Lingerie

    Ukraine, Est. 2014

    Brand Zhilyova lingerie was founded in 2014 by designer Valeria Zhilyova. 

    Back in October 2014, Valeria decided to create something new and special, coming out of her blasting imagination - a lingerie line. 

    Within first two years, Zhilyova lingerie not only adored in Ukraine, it also got attention across the globe. 

    Zhilyova believes that lingerie has to be seductive with a hint of sensuality and elegance. 

    Each item made of highest quality French and Italian textile-like silk and lace.

    It doesn't matter what your plans or where you traveling, Zhilyova lingerie was designed to make you feel sexy, desirable and seductive in any situation.  But most of all, it was designed for you to fall in love with your body. 

    Located in Kiev, Zhilyova's skilled design and sales team is offering high-class professional service and you can make individual orders. 

    In Zhilyova lingerie we highlight feminine beauty and charm as it should be:  fragile but audacious.