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Children & Babies

  • Aurein

    Swimwear like mummy's? Yes, please! The cutest concept of mother-daughter matching swimwear by  Aurein. 

    Aurein swimwear is about understanding a mother's need to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. For Aurein swim, nothing is more sublime than creating new and beautiful memories with family. We put lots of love and dedication into Aurein swim - I hope you will enjoy wearing our pieces as much as we enjoy creating them.




    It's all about quality, it's all about skilful craft, attention to details with a commitment to creating an amazing product that is actually needed and wanted by many mums. 

    Founded by sisters Bethany and Osyth, Bimble is a family business that sets out to liberate little feet, giving tiny toes the freedom to move uninhibited, as nature intended. We take this very seriously because we know that every foot is different and needs room to wiggle, in order to grow up healthy and take its owner to great places.

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked BIMBLE because they created a product that not only practical (every mum can appreciate it) but also caring and stylish. 

  • KarambaKids

    KarambaKids est. 2015 Ukraine

    I suppose you could say that Karamba was born the same time I became a mother. 

    The desire to find something extra special for my child brought me to my sewing machine. 

    It started simple, with a soft border for the cot and then, I think I just couldn’t stop. 

    It grew from soft accessories to ready-to-wear clothes range from new-born to toddler. I just can’t stop playing with fabrics and colours, new designs and ideas. 

    Karamba is about having fun and I am the biggest kid here )) 

  • Melula


    Melula is a new Children Fashion brand from Copenhagen, Denmark.
    The danish design duo Louise Møllermark and Søren Hougesen joined forces in 2015 focusing on simple and beautiful design aesthetics. Melula is a direct product of this collaboration.

    Shapes and Colors are one of the fundamentals in Melula.

    We derive our inspiration from the creative processes of children and how they express themselves while playing. Melula has created a classic stylish shoe that is playful, fun and has a unique colorful approach to design. Melula shoes are aiming for a unisex approach unless our patterns guide in a clear direction.

    The shoes is a transition shoe that both can be used for when your little ones need to look stylish, but also just for everyday use. We are continually developing new prints and styles so that Melula can continue to be a brand that dictates trends instead

    of following them. 

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked Melula for its style and concept of unisex shoes, which is so liberating for many mothers. 
  • PaMaranchi



    PaMaranchi – original and trendy kids wear.

    We try to bring smart style into children's world so that they could look like their mum or dad just little bit more. 

    PaMaranchi believes that good taste in clothes should be developed from a young age by wearing smart casual looks. 

  • Sigi




    Sigi launched first ready to wear children's collection in Autumn 2015 - dresses, coats, jackets, macs. Sigi matched each dress with a coat for a complete look. Sigi makes clothes for girls 2-14 years old and boys 4-8. Boys collection comes twice a year and matches main trends for the girl's collection. Sigi-Sigalit from Hebrew translates like Violet, which is the main feature of the brand - flower prints, and hidden flowers all over the fabric. Sigi creates smart, elegant and romantic wear for kids, using natural fabrics.

    HOUSE of BOTTA chose Sigi for their reinvention of old school and classic dresses, creating new looks for children that are stylish, chic and classy. Developing a sense of style in our children and how to look smart from the early age. 

  • Ylur




    After Fanney gave birth to her daughter Rán in 2013 she started to knit children's garments by recipe which quickly developed into designing and creating her own items. Today, her husband Arnar helps with all aspects of the business which is run from their home in Selfoss, Iceland. They make each item from scratch and therefore are able to maintain the high standard that they set for their production.

    Ylur was founded in 2014 and has certainly grown since then, both in size and reputation. As is now, Ylur is only a two- person operation that is run entirely from the family’s home in Selfoss, where Fanney and Arnar live with their two children; Aron (6) and Rán (3). The pair handles everything equally from production to marketing, although the design element is entirely in Fanney’s hands.

    There are currently five stores all around Iceland that feature products from Ylur, in addition to Mama Owl in London and Olfert & Olivia in Hørsholm, Denmark.

    When designing, Fanney tries to answer these three questions with a yes;

    “Is it comfortable to wear?”
    “Will it last?”

    “Does it look good?”

    Our products are durable and functional garments that will last for generations because of two main reasons:

    1.We produce each item ourselves and therefore we can personally guarantee the quality of each and every one.

    2. By using Alpaca and Merino wool that are proven to be strong and long lasting natural materials, we can meet our objectives for sustainability and dependability. 

    HOUSE of BOTTA picked Ylur for its quality. Can you imagine saving cardigan from NEXT, that your daughter had worn, and give it to your granddaughter? NO! Not gonna happen... but with Ylur, you have a cardigan that you will be able to put on your little granddaughter (in 30 years from now) and say - " This is the cardy your mummy used to wear!" - Priceless.