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IIIIT SARKISIAN and the world of ART

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In a lifetime you might meet a fair amount of talented people. But only a few truly talented.

Meet Lilit, a woman of true talent that transforms the world with small things leaving a huge impact. In her young age (she is far away from reaching even 30), she is a well-known illustrator whose work in high demand from big fashion and commercial brands to showbiz. She is a public figure, influencer, teacher and inspiration to many people.

A year ago she launched her own brand IIIIT SARKISIAN that brought to life long-time dream to share her art in her own way. It started simple, with a white t-shirt. But it wasn't your ordinary tee with a pointless quote or lame picture. It was pure art. Lilit brought to life her illustrations first on the t-shirts, then phone & laptop cases, wooden bags, wallpaper, textile and even food.

I personly a big fan of her t-shirts. For me, a t-shirt is the core of my everyday wardrobe. I love wearing them with blazer, skirts, jeans. They are so flexible with the styling and when you get a t-shirt from IIIIT SARKISIAN, you end up wearing pure ART. My personal favourite is ZHU ZHU collection and Flowereyes collection. But you have to see for yourself.

Each print unique and individual. Style it up with any accessory and your t-shirt will scream very loud about your individuality and personal style.

Another thing on my wishlist (besides extra few new t-shirts) is poppy pin by IIIIT SARKISIAN, this is the one I will be wearing 11th of November.

If you want to find more about IIIIT SARKISIAN and shop her incredible collection here.



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