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How many is too many ?

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Packing for a holiday a friend asked me how many swimsuits was I taking with me.

It wasn't a difficult question. What surprised me, is that this question actually was relevant. 

Don't get me wrong, as a proud owner of few swimsuits ( one from glorious times of my youth, a one-piece I wear when I take my daughters to swimming pool, and a bikini that I bought but never worn) ...and in fact none of those are swimsuits I can say I am proud to own nor I look good in them...I just have them. 

And still, here I am, in my thirties,  proud working mum, who constantly admires women on the beach who turn up every day in new swimsuits, wearing high heels to the pool, with full on makeup and arrive on the first day with a perfect suntan.  

And If I was to put aside the 'being a mum' excuse, in my ideal picture how many swimsuits would I take? Two? One for every day? Do I take a different pair of shoes to match the swimsuit? 

'Three - is a good number', I said to myself. But not old three. In fact, I binned the old crap and went and bought three, new, completely different swimsuits which made me feel good about myself. Not the one that should cover everything, but the one that makes me for a change feel beautiful.  

So how many is to many? Take as many as it takes to keep you happy. If we can have many dresses and shoes, why can't we wear a new sexy swimsuit every day of the holiday?!

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