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...and wine turned into shoes!

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She didn't really want to stop... she knew she had to do it and it was too late to say 'NO' she was putting it in ....she was moving slowly...adrenaline was taking over and she couldn't breathe anymore - her heart was ready to jump out. It felt tight at first...but as she moved deeper in - it felt felt like a perfect fit and no longer a stranger.

Maria looked at the shoe she just created and tried them on ... She realised there is no turning back from this, she just created shoes of her dreams. Brand MARSALA was born that day. 

Actually, the idea of Marsala was born in Italy, when Maria was travelling with friends. It's not that she came up with the idea of new shoe brand there, it's just the glass of Marsala was the last drop that turned thinking into action.

Maria truly belongs to a Millennial generation. When she was a student she wanted to become a professional photographer. As a full-time student, she managed to save up for a proper professional camera and taught herself to be a photographer. She quickly became popular in high demand photographer. And then she realised it's time for new adventure - Marsala. 

Self-taught, self-made entrepreneur, Maria is a true inspiration to many women. Before Marsala was launched, Maria was consistently reminded that according to investors and specialists in this field, what she was about to do is pretty much a suicide mission and she will lose all of her money. 

She didn't listen. Surprise, surprise - a woman who doesn't listen!

Last week Marsala opened a new showroom in Kiev and successfully sells shoes not only in Ukraine but in Europe. 
New and getting stronger with every day, Marsala is one of many examples of what happens if you crazy enough to chase YOUR own dreams. 

And this is the story how wine turned into shoes. 

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