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I am sure you heard many times that lips are by far the sexiest part of you. In fact, it goes both ways: for men and women. 

Bali Balm is a new luxury lip-balm brand for men and women. Its rich, intensive formula is both vegan and 100% natural, containing plant oils high in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Bali Balm has been perfected to absorb quickly and lock in moisture without leaving a waxy film on the surface of your lips. With your choice of four flavours artfully curated in conjunction with London chef Russell Bateman, each Bali Balm tube is a smooth fusion of botanicals and spices.

Bali Balm on the mission to help us all to keep our lips healthy and beautiful. To start, lip balm is no longer women-only product. Bali Balm created a unisex lip balm that works for both men and women. 

Second, and probably one of the most important approaches of this brand is that Bali Balm teaches us that lip balm is a must-have everyday accessory for your bag, backpack, purse. On your way out you can forget your wallet, not a big deal nowadays, but LIP balm should always be with you. Well, you never know where and when you meet your soulmate!

A delicious range of unique flavours created by Bali Balm will blow your mind away.  

Bergamot & Grapefruit

Lemon & Black Pepper

Cinnamon & Burnt Orange

Sandalwood & Ginger

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