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AISHA MASTER picks IIIIT SARKISIAN for her lazy day at home

What do you wear at home? You know, those days when you pretend that you not home and ignoring doorbell all day long...sweatpants, pjs, naked? 

Chocolate digestive lover, an eccentric soul and a psychopath by of the most complex and interesting influencers in lifestyle and fashion world AISHA MASTER picked art t-shirt by IIIIT SARKISIAN for her lazy. 

Seriously, guys, follow this amazing person on Instagram 

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Your Average Guy Wears House of Botta

Friday, 8 December 2017 12:56

Your Average Guy Wears House of Botta


Talking about top social media influencer... Have you ever heard of Your Average Guy? 

Adam (@youraverageguystyle) male fashion blogger that is focusing on everyday fashion for men. He belongs to the top 30 bloggers in UK and if you were to see his blog and Instagram page, you would understand why. In fact, it would not surprise us if in next year Adam will make it to top 10 in the country.

We love his view on fashion - real everyday fashion that ADDS to your own style, rather taking over your whole identity. 

For collaboration with HOUSE of BOTTA Adam picked brand IIIIT SARKISIAN, unisex art brand that transforms your comfortable items sweatshirt and t-shirt into unique pieces that can be worn with top end brands make your individual style louder & bolder.

Adam is wearing a grey sweatshirt with 'Octopus' print. 

Browse IIIIT SARKISIAN collection here 


The Land of Scarves

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 13:51

The Land of Scarves

I was in the coffee shop the other day, where I just happened to be in the right proximity to hear the conversation of two lovely ladies. The subject of the day for them was 'the nightmare of Christmas shopping', as you would expect this time of year. 

I would hear all sort of valid points : 

"I just don't know what to get this year...he just buys everything he needs through the year and there is no more room for anticipation, wishing, dreaming and waiting for Christmas to get something special"

"it looks like I will have to buy the same toys I bought last year" 

"why all shops sell the same stuff..."

"there is just not enough excitement anymore"

And then I heard something that was worth waiting for: "You know, I believe there are two gifts that can never let you down - a book and a scarf. I know nowadays hardly anyone reading real books, but the scarf is perfect present" - there you go, the wisdom of century gift-giving and Christmas shopping in one short conversation.  

If you think about it, the scarf is a very important accessory for Brits...and not just women, but men as well. Invented by Romans with the purpose to keep owner clean, we gave this simple garment so much more purpose: we were it to keep ourselves warm, we wear it for a statement, we wear it on the bag and backpack, we wear it on the wrist and neck, as a hairband and pocket accessory.  And this is just a brief list of what scarf is capable of. 

The most important fact is that like with shoes or bags, there can never be too many scarves! 

So for those of you who struggle with Christmas gift ideas like I do, because of our consumeristic lifestyle that just keeps pushing us to the edge,  feel free to use this idea and give someone you love a scarf for Christmas. Make it special: buy silk or cashmere, made in  France or Italy ...or to make your life even easier, browse our fantastic range of scarves - it won't disappoint you!
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YLUR - soul and heart from Iceland

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 12:25

YLUR - soul and heart from Iceland

I remember when I was about 5 years old my nan would knit socks, hats and cardigans for me. I would completely refuse to wear them. Why ? Well because they were not bought in the shop. As a 5-year-old, I was completely sure that if clothes came from the shop it was better than what my nan have made for me. 

Looking back at myself, I realise that kids cant tell difference between real quality and weak substitute for the quality. But adults can. In those rare moments when my mum managed to put 'nan-made' cardy on me in winter to keep me warm, I remember not only feeling warm but feeling comfortable and loved. I had that cardy for years. It was something indeed special. 

Is hand-made better than mass production?  Absolutely.  

And that is why I am such a big fan of YLUR - true craftsmanship with heart and soul. Creating beautiful real knitwear for children and babies. Each item 100% hand-made by Fanney in Iceland.  It most certainly reminds me of the cardigan of my childhood.  And that is priceless. That is something you cant buy on the high street. 

Have a look and see what you think about YLUR

Ylur collection available at



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Return of the Fanny Bag

Friday, 17 November 2017 10:05

Return of the Fanny Bag

Today people age 30 and younger, most likely won't know or remember what Fanny Bag is. Those who age 30 and over might remember that in 70-80ss there was something hanging around your waist-hips ...something that looked like a belt but could fit in keys and money (no mobile phone back then)...and people 45 and over for sure remember it and most probably missed it enough to give it another shot. 

Thank God GUCCI brought it back to life and made it trendy again. But this is not the most exciting news...I find that the most exciting thing about the return of this glorious accessory is that it's been reinvented!   

Thanks to young Ukrainian brand AMPM, Fanny bag can now be worn in many many different ways...around the shoulder my favourite option (who would have thought)...and fit in more than just keys and pocket change. 

If you never heard of AMPM I suggest you browse their real leather accessories collection. Their bright bold pieces will find a place in the heart and will prove very practical in your daily life...Browse AMPM here


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